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Grant and Nevve team up on melodic masterwork "The Edge"

San Diego producer Grant (formerly known as Grant Bowtie) is well known for his association with electronic music label Monstercat. He's one of the most talented young producers on the scene—producing his own tracks since 2010 and a first official release on the label in 2014, at only the age of 16. The artist changed his moniker as a statement of maturity and growth. Since then, Grant has mainly produced tracks in the genre of Future Bass and Electropop. However, his latest release "The Edge" brings forth strong elements in future bass that are distinctively unique to his style but now blended with his newfound love for trap. 

On this latest release, Grant teams up with Los Angeles-based songstress Nevve. "The Edge" features a few familiar sounds and styles from his most recent collaborative work with fellow label friend Myrne titled "Fault" and featuring McCall. 

But with a beautiful instrumental and top line to begin the track, a mesmerizing but powerful mood is set perfectly. Nevve's angelic voice pulls in listener closely with a mesmerizing delivery that's braided with a meticulous sound design and a melody that encompasses lullaby tones. The single rapidly builds up to these hard-hitting instrumental drops but very unique and very similar to Arabian style dance music. The fast-paced track still maintains that darker element found int he undertone of Grant's music production. 

As an artist constantly looking to experiment and challenge himself, Grant never stays stagnant and is an exciting act to follow. Each new track is an evolution of its predecessor and incorporates constant new genres and production techniques into the mix."The Edge" is one of my favorites this year from the label and we can only hope Grant continues to put out bangers like this one.

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