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Tom Misch has released the video for "It Runs Through Me" with De La Soul

It's been six months since Tom Misch released his highly anticipated sophomore album, Geography. And it's been a bit longer since the soulful and jazzy UK instrumentalist and producer teamed up with hip-hop icons De La Soul to release the album's second single, "It Runs Through Me." Time has proven friendly to the track, as the release of its coordinating music video is here as a reminder of why it worked in the first place.

Studio session videos can go one of two ways, either being boring or engaging and illuminating. This this video exceeds the best of the most engaging of those, establishing a retro 1970's setup that boosts the song's successes through details like a producer smoking his cigarette while working and perfectly chosen clothing and decor. All of it of course heightens Tom Misch's smooth appeal, giving "It Runs Through Me" an ultra renewal in its intimate appeal.

Connect with Tom Misch: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook

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