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North Elements releases lush electronic lullaby "It's Always Been ~ You"

After taking some time out over the last 12 months for some much-needed R&R, Australian producer North Elements returns this week with a beautiful electronic lullaby titled "It’s Always Been ~ You" featuring songstress Ayelle. After meeting in London in 2016, North Elements knew they had to work together and felt "It's Always Been ~ You", was a sonic fit for Ayelle. He notes, "From the emotion and tone of her words, her voice fell perfectly into place with this new piece of music I had written, and we were both so happy with the result.”

Truly, it is a track that perfectly showcases their complementary skillsets. Ayelle's pure croons reverberate throughout the soft, piano-laden track, setting the tone for a nostalgia-fueled stage. An effortless electronic masterpiece that is hauntingly soulful and sweet, North Elements highlights Ayelle's voice with ethereal synths and subtle backbeats, letting listeners envelop themselves in a blanket of deep-seated emotions. It's a track that weaves narratives in an exquisite manner, a sonic representation of what 'longing' should be. Telling a story about being in a long-distance relationship and learning to make the most of the time spent together, Ayelle notes that the instrumentals were exactly that, illuminating the message clearly.

Connect with North Elements: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Ayelle: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Atmospheric · Electronic


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