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Georgi Kay takes a stroll through the light and dark sides of our souls in latest visuals for "TOXINS" [Video Premiere]

The Los Angeles-based Sydney songwriter Georgi Kay is back with a new music video for her darker indie-pop track "TOXINS". Hit play below:

Directed by Tess O’Connor, every scene in the video is carefully orchestrated down to the smallest detail to capture the contrast of internal strength and weakness - the classic badass greaser outfit marching through the sidewalks while dancing between pedestrians and light poles with such confident swagger. Clear bruises reveal the unstableness hidden beneath the surface. Of the track, Kay explained, "This song is about the toxicity of insecurities and the Jekyll & Hyde nature in which those insecurities can coexist in a seemingly confident person. The light/ dark scenes in the video reflect this almost bipolar nature."

With lyrics like, "Sinking in my tears\Drowning in sin\If this ain't who I am\Then I don't know where to begin," Kay delivers a brooding performance in "TOXINS" that showcases her unique brand of indie-pop music containing raw, heartfelt lyricism.

Within the dark undertones of this track, there's a comforting calmness that protrudes from the internalized acceptance of one's own insecurities. While these two polar opposite sides of the soul are at play, the realization of this internal dichotomy provides its own sense of control. And behind the gentle vocals, there's this playful taunt heard in the delivery from Kay that makes "TOXINS" such a haunting but infectious indie-pop track that you can't help but keep hitting repeat. 

Already with an ARIA award, multiple APRA awards and a Grammy nomination for her song "In My Mind" with Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell under her belt, Georgi Kay continues to carve out a name for herself in the music world. With the release of her first LP out, fans can expect a lot more from this incredibly talented musician throughout the coming months, so keep her on you radar.

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