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Qing Qi release visuals for smooth flowing track "Slime Team" [Video]

Bay Area rap artist Qing Qi is a breath of fresh air. She just released a music video for "Slime Team / Sonya Blade," two tracks from her 2017 EP All Hail The Qing. "Slime Team" takes up the bulk of the 5-minute video, and rightfully so. The song and visuals are both extremely casual and difficult to dislike: Qi shows off her effortless bars while hanging with her 10-girl collective, the Pu Tang Clan. It doesn't feel like she's trying to be anything other than herself, and this allows her raps to shine. Her rap style is distinctly Bay Area, with the laid-back production aiding in pushing a chill and almost bouncy sound. 

The rising artist has been making small moves to build her foundation as she continues to grow her fanbase. She has been featured on several prominent media sites and Spotify playlists, but that isn't what sets her apart. "No one really tells our story fully, as far as women. I just knew from jump that people would listen to me, ‘cause I’m hella honest and I’m hella ugly, all the time," Qi said of her subject matter. She prides herself on her writing capabilities, but the ease of her simple, fluid delivery is not to be overlooked. The San Francisco rapper is only beginning to prove that she has the potential to attract fans from all over. 

Connect with Qing Qi: Twitter | Instagram 

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