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Little Dragon preview new EP with "Lover Chanting"

Little Dragon is ready to bring some fun into the world and at this moment in time, we could certainly use it. The Swedish band is releasing a new EP entitled Lover Chanting on November 9 and if the title track is any indication, we’re going to have enough pumping beats and irresistible melodies to forget our troubles and get lost in a trance of musical goodness.

In a statement about the intentions of “Lover Chanting,” the band declares, “For all the lovers out there, chant along! Dance for peace and unity in this world of madness.” The track definitely provides a worthy companion for fulfilling that goal. From its opening moments, the song has a bubbling energy that will get any listener moving. With repeating instrumental phrases and a pulsing drumbeat, the song establishes itself as a dance floor banger before any vocals even enter the mix. The first lyrics come with the repeated line, “Do you wanna be my girl? I wanna be be your man,” and the lighthearted simplicity of the words is an apt antidote to cynicism. By the time Yukimi Nagano joins in with her signature alluring vocals, your daily problems will soon be forgotten.

So for anyone in need of a respite from the world’s challenges today, Little Dragon has you covered. With a sound and style that is uniquely their own, “Lover Chanting” is a musical aid to life’s difficulties, reminding us to have fun and keep dancing. And with the forthcoming EP on the way, things are bound to keep looking up.

Little Dragon is on tour now. Find tickets here.

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