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Five must-see sets to catch at Los Angeles's inaugural Secret Project festival

The Los Angeles event scene is flourishing. With a bass music scene launching new movements and festivals that are newly launching successfully throughout 2018, LA is becoming a bastion for event promoters looking to throw the right kind of locally tailored events in a world saturated with festivals. Following Gary Richards' inaugural AMF Festival, Insomniac Events and Factory 93 will launch Secret Project this coming weekend as the next hopeful notable large scale event in the area. Hitting Downtown LA October 13 and 14, the event will cater to LA locals by incorporating its neighborhood culture - specifically in Downtown LA and Chinatown - into an impressively well-curated event. Catered by famed restauranteur David Cheng, the two-day block party will bring some of electronic music's most famed artists to play across two days of deep house, techno, progressive and live electronica.

As the event promises unique sets from iconic artists, we've compiled our list of must-sees with examples of some of their finest live work. And if you're in town, single day and two-day tickets to Secret Project are still available here.

Earlier this year, techno stalwart Carl Cox teamed up with live streaming service Cercle for an impressive two hours at Château de Chambord in the French countryside. While this set will surely differ largely from his performance this coming weekend - as each of his sets are - it's surely a sight to see.

Bonobo joined Boiler Room for another impressive live stream from London's iconic Alexandra Palace to close out his North Borders tour in 2015. While he will perform a DJ set at Secret Project, his live setup is aspirational and inspirational.

Stephan Bodzin is a pioneer in progressive music, and after touring Europe like crazy this summer, returns to LA for the first time since 2016 for a performance that already feels like a special occasion. The last time he played in America was at Ultra Music Fetival's Resistance stage earlier in 2018.

Octo Octa is an artist whose music sees no boundaries. With her releases serving as genre-less, experimental jumping off points, she is one of the most innovative American producers - and DJs - to hit Secret Project's stage. If you've managed to miss Octo Octa's music until now, this weekend is the time to get on board. She hit Barcelona's Sónar earlier this summer and Resident Advisor caught the live stream.

While Secret Project will cater to the deepest, darkest corners of electronic and house music, it also poses to bring the more upbeat grooves to LA. Last but not least on our must-see list is Motor City Drum Ensemble, whose German point of view of Detroit house has made him notable across multiple circles. His versatile music will hit Secret Project as it did Dekmantel below in 2015.


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