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Phlake's "Waited All Summer" is the feel-good track to warm up this winter

Danish alternative R&B duo Jonathan Elkær (producer) and Mads Bo Iversen (vocalist) of Phlake, are now seeking to extend their signature, silken smooth sound in new directions after a successful introduction of their music over the last few years. Featuring Mercedes, "Waited All Summer" comes in the middle of fall, bringing with it heart-warming, summery feel-good vibes.

Smooth and cinematic, "Waited All Summer" is the epitome of soul, tinged with jazz influences and modulated percussions. Mercedes' husky vocals pairs well with Iversen's, evoking a sense of dual perspectives amongst the breakbeat drums and dreamy saxophone - transporting listeners to the early 90's. Nostalgic, "Waited All Summer" perfectly brings in all the sounds for a soothingly comforting reverie - feel-good vibes perfect for unwinding.

This month, Phlake will tour across their native Denmark once more, having already sold-out shows in Copenhagen.


Connect with Phlake: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Alternative R&B · R&B · Soul


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