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Texas songstress Niomi is mesmerizing in reflective new single “Replace U”

The 21-year-old Niomi is a young up and coming songstress from San Antonio, Texas. Her most recent release “Replace U” is only her third release on Soundcloud. With just two other tracks from the past five months under he belt, she's quickly becoming a dangerous new pop act to keep an eye out for. Though her music career is still in its infancy, there’s a raw, natural talent that's evident in her music. Hit play on her recent single "Replace U" below: 

Niomi’s voice is an effortless fusion of sultry and angelic. And that's a deadly combination to have for any pop/R&B star and in "Replace U" her soft entrancing vocals lift and command the entrancing production.

We hear Niomi recounting a vulnerable situation that will always hurt - when you see someone you loved, now in a relationship with someone else. Despite the pain of the situation, Niomi guarantees that she’ll be fine on her own. The track provides an intimate connection with the listener as she reminisces over pain at the beginning of the track while allowing us to follow her internal progression leading up to overall empowerment.

Connect with Niomi: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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