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Riton and Kid Enigma link up on the fabulously gritty "Dangerous" [Video]

House music's past and future have united from across the globe. Entitled "Dangerous," the track saw its beginnings in the hands of American producer and DJ Kid Enigma, who has been making his way from boy wonder to established artist, with this latest release a prime example of that hunger. "I wrote 'Dangerous' as an inspiration to anyone who is self conscious and has ever been told they couldn’t be anything they wanted to be, or that they weren’t beautiful just the way they are," he says on making the track. Its production is inspired by the evolution of modern electronic music and its roots in Chicago. Known for a free spirit version of the underground, the style brings together a sentiment and a deep sound that is also reflected throughout the track.

Enter Riton, experienced, Grammy-nominated and a trend driver in his own right. As he heard "Dangerous," the ever inventive UK producer saw a vision for it and wanted to get involved. As he went on to do what he does best - collaborate - "Dangerous" took its final form. A song with a story behind its journey, the final version of "Dangerous" as a grittiness, accessibility and inspiration that could work across radio and the club. The lyric video it has debuted with conveys these sensibilities as well.

If this song had a mission statement, it would surely be, in Enigma's words, to "Be sure you are free, fly and fabulous, because THAT is what makes you dangerous to those who aren’t."

Connect with Kid Enigma: Facebook | Beatport | Soundcloud
Connect with Riton: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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