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Dounia is divine in latest electro R&B single “Everything’s a Joke”

With a smooth and inviting classic R&B voice, Queens, New York-based musician Dounia is an undeniable new star on the rise. Capturing the beauty of the divine feminine, the young artist has already cultivated quite a social following on Instagram through her relatable music, body-positive posts, and captivating personality.

Since the release of her 'Intro To' EP in 2017, Dounia has released a couple of singles in 2018 and her latest track “Everything’s a Joke” is another addition to the songstress’s gloriously growing catalog. 

Dounia brilliantly speaks her mind all over the track - with an extraterrestrial-drum infused production by 'Breakfast N Vegas'. The chorus is a genius play on words as Dounia sings “Shordey bugging but he broke anyway (haha)” and one can’t help but belt those words right back. Truly, a beautiful melodic anthem that one can get lost in. There’s an effortless charm that's exuded by Dounia as her vocals gently glide and weave throughout the fast-paced electronic backdrop. 

Connect with Dounia: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Alternative R&B


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