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BADBADNOTGOOD and Little Dragon join forces on "Tried"

Every once in a while a musical partnership comes along that you didn’t realize you needed in your life. After a few teases on social media from the Canadian group BADBADNOTGOOD and the Swedish band Little Dragon in the past few days, the two groups revealed their joint effort in the form of the single “Tried.” After listening to the atmospheric track, it’s clear that the two eclectic groups are made for each other.

BBNG and Little Dragon are perfect examples of the pitfalls of ascribing strict categories to music. Each band is known for existing in slightly different realms of the music industry, yet when their powers combine on “Tried,” the results are mesmerizing. While BBNG lays down a signature dreamy yet captivating groove, Little Dragon singer Yukimi Nagano’s vocals soar through the mix, perfectly complimenting the soulful instrumentals. Both bands have a timeless sound and “Tried” encapsulates the best of both while simultaneously forging something wholly new. There is still isn’t much information about the single, so for now we can only hope that the future will bring more collaboration between these two powerhouses.

Connect with BADBADNOTGOOD: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Connect with Little Dragon: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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