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Allure shares his new 'Obsession' EP

Allure is no stranger to enticing with his swirling productions and chic sound. The French producer has been sharing new tracks over the past few months leading up the release of his new Obsession EP which you can now listen to in full. Packed with hip-swaying melodies and R&B flair, Allure’s crisp and textured style is certainly magnetic.

The Obsession EP gives you a little bit of everything that we love about his signature style. “I Want You” and “Lucky Day” bring that light and flirty carefree energy that feels like the epitome of Allure’s sound. Soulful vocals and twinkling accents make each a fun listen.

“Obsession” brings more of a chill with pillowed beats to the party before we hit our slow jam “Soft and Slow.” This one’s definitely the most different from the others. The pace gets ultra slow and sexy for this lyrical track. Find Allure’s Obsession EP out now, available to stream or download.

Connect with Allure: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Dance · Indie Dance · R&B


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