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Odie releases "Story" visuals

R&B singer/songwriter ODIE's song "Story" showcases why he is one of the best new artists in any genre. The third track from his debut album, Analogue, is a tale of a hungry artist whose career is just getting started. More than five months after the song's release, "Story" becomes ODIE's first music video. The Dustin Stanek-directed visuals see ODIE and his team throughout Paris on his first sold out tour. The video captures visually what the song's lyrics discuss: the young artist's journey is just beginning to speed up, but he has prepared for these moments and will not be slowed down. ODIE is at a special place in his career, making special music with an unerring authenticity. Even after not releasing anything for months, he is on a roll and will continue to grow as his relatability grabs new fans with every listen. 

Connect with Odie:  Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 

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