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Dev09 drops alterna-pop anthem “Oh Shit”

21-year-old Dev09 has always been about the music. Growing up in South Bend, Indiana on Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Nirvana and a varying musical palette, breeding favorite childhood memories that were connected to music. Her multi-talent expands to playing instruments as well, as a decade of cello lessons for Dev09 began at age three. She traded her cello for a guitar in middle school and found new inspirations with artists such as, A$AP Rocky. 

Dev09’s breakout single “You Made Me” in 2015 had her seizing the moment and moving to LA. It all came to a halt as she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and underwent rehabilitation in 2016. Now, she’s back - reflective, transparent and so impressively expressive with her talent. 

“Bored” - released over summer 2018 was Dev09’s first release after a 3-year-hiatus. Dev09 is  now back with an exciting release - “Oh Shit," a captivating fusion of dark pop. She is honest and reflective as she opens up about her journey with addiction and struggles with mental health over a gripping production. 

Speaking of the track to NYLON, she describes "isolating yourself from everyone, so you don’t have to deal with the pain you're causing them when you hurt yourself, because that shit gets to be unbearable...”

Dev is very open about her pain and struggles, and like the music is and continues to be a part of her therapeutic process and journey. 

Connect with Dev09: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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