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Karmic serves us a huge slice of that good old "Wisdom Pie" [video]

 Karmic are an electronic pop quartet helping to start the week on a bright note with their funk-styled single titled "Wisdom Pie".  The record boasts a colorful display of musical styles ranging from pop, RnB and of course funk. Slowly building from a rich bassline, the song transitions into a smooth mix of layered synths and lead guitars while the groove remains steady throughout the course of the song. Lead by two strong female vocalists Kylee Katch and Laura Baruch, "Wisdom Pie" gets the best in terms of catchy melodies and intertwining harmonies - but the ultimate kicker is when they both merge to deliver the final chorus. The record expresses love for family unity and encourages the listener to stop for a second, smell the roses and enjoy the small moments in life.

The animated visual was created by Rufus Paisley , who plays around with retro polygon images while using the lyrics of the song as a guide. The minimalistic style is quaint to some extent, but adds a thought-provoking feel with an abstract aesthetic that seamlessly blends from one image to another. 

Connect with Karmic: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative Rock


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