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Jeremy Zucker runs through an array of thoughts on "thinking 2 much"

New Jersey singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker has been throwing tracks out into the universe over the course of the year, starting with the release of Glisten back in May. Glisten is a four-track EP written during Jeremy's senior year of college in an effort to encompass the whirlwind of trying to balance school and a social life with a fast growing–music career. The EP includes "all the kids are depressed," a socially relatable track which now has over 30 million streams on Spotify - clearly striking a chord with fans of Zucker. With Summer officially coming to an end, Zucker is shifting his conceptual focus towards what a life fully devoted to music, post-graduation, may entail for him. The first steps into this direction came with the release of "comethru" earlier this month, and now with "thinking 2 much."

The production of "thinking 2 much" encompasses the feeling of transitioning from Summer into Autumn. It's steady and smooth, but comes with a looming aura of incoming change. As the track runs through the burning out of a relationship due to overthinking on both sides, it feels as though it is building up to something that never quite arrives. Rather than ending on an underwhelming note, it feels as though time slows itself down, creating a sense not unlike that of holding your breath. "thinking 2 much" is a collaboration between both Zucker and Irish singer/songwriter EDEN, who lends to the overall existential feeling of the song on his verse featured towards the end of the track.

Zucker just recently began his 23-date anything, anywhere tour, tickets for which can be found here

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