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David Ayscue's letter to New York captures familiarity in nostalgia

David Ayscue bares his soul in his newest single "New York" with vivid storytelling and a simple yet stunning melody, singer/songwriter . With warm, tender vocals and gentle folk guitar, the track is a stark contrast to New York City's fast paced way of life.  It's easy to get lost in Ayscue's lyrical imagery, as he is a master storyteller who takes listeners on a journey of young adult life and its many adventures.

Reminiscent of James Taylor and City of Colour, his music expresses a feeling of familiarity. He often writes about reuniting with old friends and renewing romance. Ayscue confides, "I wrote New York last summer. I knew that in early August I was going to visit my brother, who was living in a small apartment in SoHo. My friend from high school was having his 21st birthday party in the city that same week, and a bunch of old friends were making the trip to the city to see everybody. It felt like this mass migration to NYC was happening, and it gave the city this center-of-the-world feeling. There's a rekindling of a romance in there as well. It's a Central Park on a Sunday afternoon type of song".

David Ayscue is fresh on the scene but is a refined songwriter continuing to evolve as a musician.  You can find him performing relentlessly in Southern California with his striking blend of minimal folk and emotive pop. 

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