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Summer Heart teams up with Elias Abid for the tranquil "Ace of Pentacles"

Swedish Singer Summer Heart embarks on a playful jaunt on “Ace of Pentacles”, an electro-pop melody that floats over curious synths, spunky drum snares, and delicate piano chords.

Following up on his last record ‘101’ from 2017, Summer Heart is back, joining forces with Parisian auteur Elias Abid, to showcase their whimsical, self-produced collaboration "Ace Of Pentacles", part of Summer Heart’s new #12SongsOfSummer project. The two multifaceted artists have intricately meshed their pop and electronica backgrounds for a euphoric masterpiece.

Elaborating on their collaboration, Alexander said, “Both hanging out and working with Elias Abid was extremely inspiring. We shared the same work ethics and had similar ideas both when it came our craft but also in general. In a creative situation it’s worth a lot when you can comfortably put everything aside and focus on what’s important; the music. To me, "Ace Of Pentacles" ended up being about being open-minded and confident in yourself. About taking daring opportunities that are right in front of you.”

Sit back and unwind to the serene “Ace of Pentacles”, out now via Perfect Texture.

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