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HIGH HØØPS drops grooviest and most self-aware videos to date for "Madly"

A good, solid music video is always appreciated, especially when it’s paired with a good, solid track. What’s better than that combination, however, is when an artist has the self-awareness to poke fun at him or herself and still make something worth watching on repeat.

If you’re assuming that incredibly specific intro has something to do with the subject of this post, you are correct. Feast your ears, eyes and funny bones on HIGH HØØPS and his latest video, “Madly.”

Right from the start, it’s clear HIGH HØØPS has a sense of humor. “Madly” starts out with a funky, dance-inducing instrumental and not much else in the way of visuals. However, that doesn’t last long as the Auckland, New Zealand native writes, “SFX: Dusty old disco drum break starts up” across the bottom of the screen in yellow. At two seconds in, it’s clear HIGH HØØPS does not take himself seriously in the best way possible.

From that point on, HIGH HØØPS pokes fun at himself and everything going on in the video. From his cheesy dance moves to his love interest, HIGH HØØPS is continually commenting on what is happening. But that attitude and self-awareness aren’t what makes “Madly” such a hit. It’s his antics paired with a catchy, well-produced tune that makes him shine.

It’s easy to get caught up in gimmicks, especially when you’re an artist looking to break out from all the noise around you. But gimmicks only last so long. Luckily for HIGH HØØPS, he’s got a real jam on his hands.

At the end of the video, HIGH HØØPS lets us all know he’s dropping an album on September 21st. With a video this groovy, it’ll be hard to find a reason not to pick up a digital copy.


Connect with HIGH HØØPS: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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