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Dusky's 'Aset Forever' is an impressive haunting tribute [EP]

Distinctive, uniquely progressive and sonically blessed, UK leading house/techno producers Dusky have released their newest 5 track EP Aset Forever -  a hauntingly beautiful compilation of their signature sounds over the years. 

Haunting perhaps is probably the only way to really describe Aset Forever, named in tribute to Jan Francis, a friend of Nick & Alfie who tragically lost his life late last year. Founder of the ATG graffiti crew and School Records - alongside Loefah - Jan was responsible for Dusky's first London gigs both at ATG Warehouse parties and their Staunch residency at Corsica Studios. 

And in a beautiful fashion, Aset Forever thus showcases the best of the duo's producing abilities and craft. From classic techno bass lines, to trance influences and harder synth melodies, the EP does not disappoint in exhibiting all of what dance music has to offer. The duo's versatility and acceptance of intaking varying musical styles and a plethora of influences, is what allows them to juxtapose compositions that are utterly unique and undoubtedly creative. 

Leading with "Amongst The Gods", the EP blooms with a sonically sound and proven house track perfect for the dance floor. Taking shuffling breakbeat rhythms, classic sunrise melodies and 90's rave vocals, "Amongst the Gods" is infectious and reminiscent of underground warehouse raves. Following, "The Ace" utilizes a faster beat to create a tumultuous and devilishly twisted track darker in tone. The repeated use of distorted female vocals and samples of tropical rainforest birdcalls, strikes an impression. Continuing with darker undertones, "Staunch" does not shy away from utilizing percussions as the main sound, with a gradual, rolling build up of a spacey/tropical blend of chilling. The recurring 'ecstasy' reverberates throughout the track, effectively visually a scene for us in our minds. Dusky masterfully takes things even deeper and more eerie in "Angles" - a blissed out wash of Detroit techno stabs and vintage house textures, before ‘The Captain" finished off the EP with punchy bass lines and ice-cold synths.

Dusky will return to North America this fall for a 15-date tour, touching down in major cities including San Diego (9/29), Houston (10/05), Brooklyn (12/07), Miami (10/13), Los Angeles (10/26), Chicago (11/16), Montreal (11/17) and more. Tickets are available now.


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