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LOVER touches our hearts with "Eagle To The Prey"

When your heart is broken, when you're going through pain, sometimes all it takes to feel a little bit better is some soulful R&B. Sydney artist LOVER, moniker of Oliver Kirby, understands that completely; his soothing falsettos, and masterfully crafted lyrics, brings a sense of fulfillment and peace to the listener. After a few months on hiatus, LOVER is back with an exclusive premiere with EARMILK of his newest release "Eagle to the Prey".

Citing inspiration from the likes of Brockhampton, Jai Paul, Chet Faker and Gotye throughout the song-writing process, Kirby masterfully produces a song that holds incredible depth and personal vulnerabilities - emotionally heart-wrenching, relatable yet soothing at the same time. "Eagle To The Prey" balances an R&B vocal with a pop vocal approach; evocative and unique, Kirby utilizes falsettos to exude a sense of vulnerability whilst using a deeper tone to emulate a conversation. The acoustics and faint saxophone sounds emphasizes the jazz and blues influences the song undertook, before transitioning into a sultry, slow-tempo rap and then back again to his aching croons. 

When it came to the lyrics & story behind the song, Kirby takes us back through his own experiences, as he explores feelings of loss & pain that you experience toward the end of a relationship. As Kirby says, “Lyrically it explores the loss you feel at the end of a relationship and through that hurt you often turn to forms of escapism (drugs, alcohol) instead of facing the reality of the situation. The metaphor and title of “Eagle To The Prey”, for me at least, captures that feeling of resigning to your fate.” Indeed, "Eagle To The Prey" expertly captures that sense of loss in a very visceral way, conveying the story flawlessly. 

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