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Ackerman drops tender pop tune "I Am No Longer Afraid of Coyotes"

The Brooklyn-based group Ackerman continues to wow me with every new release. In just a couple months they plan on unveiling 1000 Variations of Yourself, a brand new 5-track EP. "I Am No Longer Afraid of Coyotes" is their newest single, and will be featured on the full release. To me, the track is a soothing indie rock dream.

Self-proclaimed experimental pop frontiersmen, Ackerman has done a lot of toying with subversive percussion, warm melodies, and piercing vocal harmonies. Their sound is a concoction of Panda Bear and They Might Be Giants. And this track is no different. The subliminal tension of a synth fills the room as the lyrics begin to pour out and linger like a fog. But the train stops and we're hit over the head with an indulgent riff, flicking its tongue, strutting like a pompous angel. The juxtaposed friction is heavenly.

And as the vocals soar, so do our hearts. The fingerpicking twinkles like stars. What could have been some abrupt garage rock has been slowed down to a gentle cascade, like we're coasting on the clouds, high up and plump with innocence.

If you like what you heard, be sure to give a listen to their last single, "Loverboy," which came out this July. It's a seductive change of pace, and will also be featured on the upcoming EP.

Connect with Ackerman: Facebook | Soundcloud | InstagramBandcamp

Photo courtesy of Camille Petricola

Dreampop · Indie Pop · Soft Rock


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