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Maggie Szabo crafts cinematic love anthem with “Only Human”

With a universal need for love “Only Human” reminds us how we’re all linked together. 
Not typically a fan of teen comedies, Maggie Szabo fell in love with the film Sierra Burgess is a Loser and immediately felt a strong connection to the main character. A film set to release on Netflix September 7th, Szabo was asked by one of the movie’s producers to create a song that could fit for the film and from there “Only Human” was born.

Canadian singer-songwriter Maggie Szabo is known for her impressive soulful sound and powerful pop anthems. Coming from a small town to now living in Los Angeles, she’s worked furiously to make a name for herself. With over 13 million views on YouTube and a strong social media fanbase, Szabo is definitely an artist to watch. Having numerous music placements in film and TV and collaborating with many well-known artists, including German electronic artist DJ Schiller, Szabo is known for crafting and experimenting with different styles of music. Looking to keep that momentum going, she’s constantly working on new material and gaining inspiration from her travels to exotic locations all over the world such as Greece and Thailand.  
A lively electro-pop infused track packed with emotion, “Only Human” conveys an uplifting message with it’s strong passionate vocals, electronic sounds and a driving beat. It’s a track that shows you that no matter who you are, we all want the same thing, we’re all just looking for love.
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