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Racoon Racoon's "Our Love's Funeral" is so sweet you'll get a cavity after just one watch

Please meet your new favorite folk duo, Racoon Racoon, and their awesome and adorable video for “Our Love’s Funeral.”

“Our Love’s Funeral” is as bare bones a production as you can find. It wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that they filmed the entire thing in an hour with nothing but a smartphone and a guitar in the way of productions. However, the lack of tools does not make this video or the band behind it less worthy of your attention. All of the above proves just the opposite because with next to nothing, Racoon Racoon has crafted a song that is so pure and sweet, it transcends the tools used to make it come to life.

Comprised of Lea and Leo, Racoon Racoon has spent the past seven years writing music throughout Europe and their native France. If you couldn’t tell by their chemistry, Lea and Leo are dating which makes the whole thing that much more real. You can’t fake those looks and those lyrics, ya know?

“Our Love’s Funeral” comes off of their second EP, Dawn Chorus, which dropped last April. The two are reportedly working on their debut album so if you like what you hear (and you should because it’s excellent) keep your ears on this couple over the coming months.

Connect with Racoon Racoon: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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