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Infinite bisous releases back-to-back synth pop singles "Sole Mate" and "@ home"

Infinite bisous just dropped their first release since w/ love, a psychedelic LP that came out in March of last year. The new single features "Sole Mate" and "@ home," two tracks that exude the artist's trademark minimalist synth pop.

The second of the two tracks is a mellow river of laidback synths and bubbly drums. With a growing discography behind him, the Paris-based artist seems set on making a kind of professional-grade bedroom pop—if such a thing can even exist. And in spite of the sedate vocals and mangled melody sections, the lyrics for "@ home" peak out over a soft bass line with some unexpected refrains: I'd die for you. Given the nonchalant title, it feels subversive and daring, like a moment of clarity in the midst of a drug-induced trance. His voice is at peace with the proclamation, swimming in some unearthly stillness. Prepare to melt into your chair listening to this one.

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