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Melt in musical ecstasy with Ohara's velvety smooth new EP, "Ohara"

One of Toronto's best kept secrets is indie R&B crooner Ohara. His husky vocals and polished rhythmic arrangements make for some of the smoothest R&B tracks out right now. The singer's new self-titled EP, Ohara, is a collection of passionate love letters - each drenched in gold and placed in an envelope sealed tight with sweet honey. 

The first letter, "Started, As An" is a hazy dream layered with intoxicating synths, deep bass, and spellbinding reverb. Ohara's soulful voice melts elegantly into steamy guitar riffs. He keeps his words few in this love letter, but the silky instrumentation certainly makes up for it.  

The dream progresses in "Strawberry". The lovestruck Ohara sings about an infectious romance he just can't get over. He begs to be resurrected from his slumber by his lover but can't help but drown in his feelings until she comes his way. 

On the feisty "Miss Money", Ohara breaks down just why he is so fond of his lover over a magnetic reggae beat. He sings about a self-made woman whose independence is just as attractive as her beauty.  "Miss Money"'s breezy guitar riffs and upbeat island vibes make it a certified summer banger. 

The next letter Ohara pens is "Fire", a slow winding, seductive ballad that warms listeners' souls like a steamy sauna. The sexy aura diffuses like red ink in rose water on the next track, "Trap's Sister", an interlude that feeds the flame ignited on "Fire". Exquisite piano chords fall tenderly into endless reverberation while angelic but painfully passionate cooing decorates the aura like rose petals on shattered glass. The intensity permeates into “Saved”, a consuming vapour left from the fire. Its charred shades perfectly suit the smoky textures of Ohara’s voice. Contrasting polished falsetto with a unique raspy edge, Ohara glides through octave scales with class. If he didn’t before, he surely captured the heart of his boo on this one.

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