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Watch Joei Razook confront his fears on "Out Of The Garden" [Video]

Joei Razook released his latest work in a new video/song that has him surrounded by the things that haunt him most. Drugs, women and loneliness are just some of the topics that the Ohio native works through on this doleful new track entitled "Out Of The Garden". 

Lunar Thought sets the scene in this music video, which focuses on the vices of Razook. The primary and standout scene is found in a tree surrounded by suspending pill bottles symbolizing the availability and abuse of recreational drugs. As Joei has been spending more time out of the Midwest and into Los Angeles to push his music career into focus, the epidemic of drug abuse is certainly a problem he comes face to face with as he continues to get 'Out Of The Garden' and into the jungle of the underground hip-hop scene. The pockets of energy in the verses stand out against the dreary background to create these truly enticing hooks. 

Earlier this year Joei dropped his biggest track to date "Loser Romance" which has been racking up numbers on streaming sites. 2018 will also be home to Joei Razook's debut project 'Love Me Never' which is set drop by the end of the summer. Follow his links below to stay updated until then. 

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