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Lauren Kelly Benson tackle the delicate issue of race relations on "Say Her Name"

Lauren Kelly Benson's newest record is bound to give you chills. Aptly titled "Say Her Name", the single sees the singer/activist pontificate on slavery from a deeper perspective. Her approach is like a letter to her ancestors, a homage if you will, to their strength and fortitude during slavery.

Musically on this song, she takes elements from soul, blues, and folk music while delivering her performance with such passion and emotion. As a very active activist and wellness practitioner, she is always in the field, dealing with vulnerable communities at different levels. She had a lightbulb moment to make "Say Her Name" after an inspiring organizing meeting and as she puts it "I was thinking about how difficult it is, sometimes, to maintain hope for change when there is a very good chance we may not live to see the change for which we are fighting." In a nutshell, the record helps her carry on the torch in honor of her ancestors who had to endure untold hardships and also for those who sacrificed themselves in today's modern fight for freedom. Get the audio on Spotify here

Lauren Kelly Benson is a singer, actress, teacher, and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. "Say Her Name" is the first single off of her premier EP, Nothing to Lose  which is inspired by an Assata Shakur quote "It is our duty to fight for our freedom"

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