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Otis Bruno gets the party moving with his bouncy single "Lean To The Right"

Newcomer Otis Bruno comes through with a party-filled jam titled "Lean To The Right".

The Brooklyn rapper switches the vibe with this party-tinged record that strays from the traditional East Coast hip-hop elements. From the flow and choice of lyrics, you'd think he is from either the mid-west or west coast. He is not bothered about being the best lyricist on the mic as he is out having fun with his homies and sometimes with a dime or two for some R-rated proclivities. The bouncy backdrop has a relaxed makeup bringing a thick bassline and synth to the forefront as they set the dinner table for the rapper to shine with his somewhat ig'nant but hilarious lyrics such as "Real stingy with the cho-cho/ she will get tossed like a yo-yo/ only freaky when we dolo/ had to hit the bitch with the woah-wooooah!..."

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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