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For Peace Band's latest single "Always Love" is a joyous spirit elevator [Premiere]

For Peace Band introduce us to their unique brand of pop-infused roots reggae music that can be felt by all. Their latest record "Always Love" exudes nothing but brightness and positivity.

"Always Love" has a very smooth, soothing vibe that resonates deeply with its rich inspirational lyrics and modern styled roots reggae bounce. The record is the title track off their upcoming LP and from one listen you can tell this is a precursor of great things to come. The Guam-based band made up of  Jacob “JC” Iosia (vocals/keyboards), Freddy Bordallo (vocals/drums) and local musicians, Ronald “RJ” Pereira (guitar/backing vocals) and Danton Cruz (bass) have been rocking together since they formed in 2014. Their endless mission to promote positivity and love worldwide started as a dream in their home on the island of Guam and now they touring around the U.S, Palau and other countries around the globe.

Connect with  For Peace Band: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 



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