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Zhao provide only feel good vibes on "Meltaway"

Producer/vocalist Zhao taps into the Japanese styled pop vibes on his newest record titled "Meltaway".

Not only is "Meltaway” is it his sophomore single of the year. It also truly showcases the multi-talented act. The self-produced record is a blend of ethereal sounds, built on a throbbing bassline with dreamy synths to match. Zhao takes East and West pop sensibilities and gives it a whole new life. In his usual fashion, he adds a whole new vibe. Laid-back passion-filled vocals exude pure hope. Of course, with existential lyrics such as: “Could these flames erase who we are / and in a moment of collapse, switch us on?...”

In fact, musically Zhao is all about love and good vibes. We can easily hear how the sound evokes the optimism of disco. However, he also makes mention of the comeback of a vintage item; Sukajan jackets, an embroidered bomber jacket made in Japan as souvenirs for American soldiers. Zhao's analogy is that said item is a unifying factor, and just like his music, the first priority is to make people feel good. In light of this, let's worry less and get familiar with the good vibes of "Meltaway".  Get the audio on Spotify

Connect with  Zhao : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Disco · Indie Pop


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