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King Kavalier team up with ChrisLee for sexy rock anthem "Bad Drugs"

King Kavalier are trying to bring some harder hitting rock to the EDM world. Their latest single "Bad Drugs," a collaboration with soulful rocker ChrisLee, promises to do just that. 


The DJ duo met in University, where they honed their skills at house parties. Now, they've created a tune that is smooth, seductive, and frantic all at once. It's a little like infatuation, one might think. ChrisLee's butter-like vocal is backed by a wild beat and fuzzy electric guitar. 

Of the track, King Kavalier says: "This song is our opening statement of our true sound. We wanted to catch people off guard with the style and the mesh between multiple genres. We’ve always been influenced by rock and punk genres, and we want to bring that same attitude and style in the electronic music." 

Indeed, the genre-bending track has an undeniable attitude. This is not a vibe to sleep on. 

Connect with King Kavalier: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with ChrisLee: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Alternative · Electronic · Indie · Rock


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