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Litche debuts moody electronica with debut self-titled EP

Australia producer Litche has been teasing his fans with tracks from his debut self-titled EP. We shared both leading singles from the EP, ‘Voyage’ feat. Woodes and ‘Winter’ feat. Nrthn, and now the time has come for the full debut. Featuring previously released singles and two new tracks, Litche completes his self-titled EP with a solid 4-track compilation.

"Voyage" remains true to electronica and "Winter" boasts a minimal production. New singles "Anti Social" kicks off the EP and "Leave" closes it out, leaving us wanting more. "Anti Social" is an instrumental track with twinkling melodies and synths and "Leave" is autotune heavy featuring vocals from Liche himself, and comes complete with moody atmospheres and dark undertones; the track is about friends going away. 

Litche shares, “Making this ep was both a solitary and collaborative experience. I’m really drawn to both aspects of the creative process. All of theses songs were inspired by either a texture, or a field recording. I really like to use samples with imperfection because they add a human and tangible element to a song. It helps me to connect to an idea as it starts to form because I feel I can connect with something that feels real and relatable.” Feel free to get lost in Litche above. 

Litche’s debut is available everywhere now via La Belle Musique.

Connect with Litche: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram




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