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Gabrielle Marlena is straight up unapologetic on her "Sorry I Ever Fucked You" record

Indie folk/pop singer Gabrielle Marlena is ballsy to the teeth on her new single aptly titled  "Sorry I Ever Fucked You."

The single sees the singer-songwriter reminiscing on a past relationship that ultimately turned sour. No way is she close to being sad or hurt, but rather in a state of disgust from having being involved in that situation. It's pretty interesting the way she delivers the story on wax as she chooses to go with dry humor laced with defiance. The record starts with a slow, captivating electric guitar that reflects the bitter disappointment in the delicate, honeyed vocals. 

Gabrielle Marlena is an indie folk/pop singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Gabrielle moved to Montreal at 18 for school, and she found herself in the heart of an eclectic music scene where she was able to hone her craft. In 2016, she landed in NYC to perform and record her first studio album, Good Music For You. After returning from a national solo acoustic tour in the fall of 2017, Gabrielle wrote and recorded her EP, Easier Love, coming out June 2018. "Sorry I Ever Fucked You" is the second single off the EP.

Connect with Gabrielle Marlena: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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