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Litche and Nrthn herald the coming of "Winter" down under

While temperatures grow balmier by the day stateside, winter is slowly creeping towards our Australian counterparts. In honor of our parallel seasonal changes, I'm celebrating all things icy with a little help from Sydney producer/songwriter Nrthn (aka Sam Sakr) and Newcastle producer Litche. Minimal, somber production builds a frigid mood, sliced effortlessly by Nrthn's piercing vocals. “When something I care about ends, whether it is a relationship, musical endeavour, or friendship, I tend to only vividly remember the end of it. ‘Winter’ is about the rare moment of reminiscing those ‘moments in the middle’ easily forgotten, and wanting them to be what you remember from it,” he explains. The two artists connected several years prior at music school, and forged a creative bond they've nurtured to this day. In Litche's words, “our flow of ideas felt so natural, staying equally in tune with each other throughout every part of the creative process seemed effortless."

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