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Turn back the clock with Cherub's nostalgic "Dancin' Shoes" video [Premiere]

You're an only-child stuck in the sweltering backseat of a minivan on a family road trip. Your parents won't stop fighting about the endless thermostat war, so you drown out their bickering with headphones. They pull over at a rest-stop and, in the heat of their squabble, leave $100 poking out of a purse in the front seat. What do you do?

With the music video for their new single "Dancin' Shoes," which EARMILK has the privilege of premiering today, electro-pop outfit Cherub reveal every kid's wildest fantasies if given the chance to break free from their parents. The video is a mirthful slice of nostalgia that goes hand-in-hand with the duo's signature buoyant sonic flair. Think Blank Check meets Home Alone, rolled up into a 4-minute adventure soundtracked by sun-kissed acoustic guitar plucks and bubbly synthpop vibes. When asked about the background of the track and the blithesome nature of the video, Cherub's Jason Huber had this to say:

"Dancin’ Shoes is a song that evolved naturally... literally. A looping vocal sample inspired Jordan [Kelley, also of Cherub] to step outside with an acoustic guitar. Our producer Nick Curtis set up a microphone on the porch next to Jordan, and you can hear the birds and bees singing along. The video is a nostalgic childhood adventure... every kid’s dream of breaking free from the family car on a long summer road trip to explore a world of ice cream, arcade games, super saturated colors, and neon lights. "

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