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Kwamie Liv's love is "Sweet Like Brandy"

Kwamie Liv delivers the sensual visuals for her recently released single "Sweet Like Brandy"

The Danish-Zambian artist returns to form with this sultry seductive record that would definitely fit in the background for a one on one late night session. The song which was recorded in Denmark with longtime co-producer Baby Duka showcases the singer's enthralling vocal style that draws the listener with a highly mesmerizing ambiance. The production is simple and works perfectly as a canvass for Kwamie's dreamy melodies as she reminisces on past feelings on both emotional and physical departments.

The self-directed video for ‘Sweet Like Brandy’ is an arousing, sensual accompaniment. The pace is slow, sensual while the rich hues help capture the erotic intensity between a couple on the brink of despair. She further explains the concept behind the video  "With the 'Sweet Like Brandy' visual I wanted to depict a series of slow images, almost like photographs which act as a window into an interaction between two lovers..."

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Alternative R&B · Future R&B · R&B


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