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Station bring back that true rock sound on "Cost Of The Sand"

"Cost Of The Sand" is the newest single from More Than The MoonStation's sophomore album.

The self-proclaimed heroes of hard rock deliver an anthemic single that will surely rile up true-school rock fans. The band channels that 80s rock spirit with their rousing electric guitar riffs, lively drums and, of course, a driving hook to match. The energy on this track is magnetic all the way through as lead vocalist Patrick Kearney's passionate performance is undeniable. The brilliant blend of hard rock and commercially viable melodies make this song catchy but stands out from the cookie cutter rock-esque songs. The retro factor sure plays a huge role as it reminds us of those vintage soundtracks for films and classic cartoons from the past.

Co-founded by guitarist Chris Lane and vocalist Patrick Kearney, STATION is based in New York City, but have toured the country, having played Rocklahoma three times, as well as the M3 Festival, Musikfest and hundreds of shows to the Mississippi and beyond. The band, which also includes Emi Asta and Tony Baptist, have shared the stage with the likes of Y&T, Pat Benatar, Lynch Mob, and Dio's Disciples while making fans wherever they play courtesy of their high-energy stage show and the music they write.

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