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Merci Jitter release unreal URL concept art exhibition mixtape "Merci Jitter, 2018"

The London-based label Merci Jitter who specialise in dope events, sounds, and visuals have seriously blown us away with this insanely next level mixtape. We think it's the best mixtape of the year.

So get this, on Merci Jitter, 2018. Revolving around a fictitious exhibition space where art happens ‘URL’, artists are invited to take part in spontaneous and unexpected conversations and collaborations knowingly or not. Every single track on Merci Jitter, 2018 is fierce and unique. There's a resonating international feel of multi-culture, with seeping futuristic sounds throughout. However, the project is incredibly accessible. The result is that by combining both left-field, and more commercial creative techniques the listeners get the real experience of Merci Jitter. 

Generally headed up by Daniel Ness, and HNRO. We're seeing the fruits of effective collaboration on this fully vocal concept mixtape. On Merci Jitter, 2018 mixtape the blending of identities is a soundtrack our generation. We're very excited to see where the label goes next. Especially, as here at EARMILK we have a feeling that this is just the start of amazing things to come. If ever there was a good introduction to Merci Jitter then here it is. Listen in.

Connect with Merci Jitter: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

Electronic · Experimental


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