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Tahabdra release dual tracks 'Nosaro' and redefine progressive bass according to the golden ratio

Bass duo Tahabdra have released their dual single, Nosaro, and are redefining progressive bass in the process. Half EP, half drawn-out bass tune, Nosaro is comprised of "Metsa" and "Negoma," which utilize a formula born of the DNA resonant frequency (528Hz), the golden ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence. Tahabdra has always had roots in the natural world, and it is based on a tuning system invented by drummer and electronic musician Josh Weinberg with soulful sound design thrown in by Dominican producer and DJ Wiggz Caro

The tuning system on Nosaro also incorporates the golden ration, weaving in frequencies between octaves of the 528Hz increase along with the Fibonacci sequence. The goal is simple, to make you dance to the complicated rhythms created by the two halves of Tahabdra. The hope is that the dancer will heal on a physiological level while connecting themselves to the rhythms on an almost molecular level of bass innovation. 

Connect with Tahabdra: Facebook | Soundcloud 

Bass · Electronic · Experimental


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