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Alex Lustig and Anjulie weave an idyllic AM scene in "The Morning"

Picture yourself lazily waking in a hotel room in a foreign city, the scene drenched in playful intrigue by the piercing light of day. As Anjulie's saccharine vocals croon - you know better, but you stay. Belgian beat bender Alex Lustig has crafted this exact irresistible fantasy by way of sound on his newest stunner, "The Morning," and I can't help but lose myself in the narrative.

We've all been here, whether in dreams or reality, and Alex Lustig beyond nails that fading, yearning feeling.You plead to your lover (by way of Anjulie's piercing delivery), "just stay one night, till the morning." Lose yourself in the texture of the composition, which dissolves into an evocative instrumental as it nears the three-minute mark. The melodic maestro Alex Lustig has previously worked with the likes of Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly, but is shining the spotlight on his own project of late. I couldn't be happier that this refreshing talent has entered my wavelength - it appears we catch a similar one.
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