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Kaffetorsk dives right into "summer" with a groovy record

Producer and DJ Kaffetorsk comes correct pays homage to the warmest season of the year in this latest track "summer".

The aptly titled "summer" record is dripping in so much grooviness and funk that it's hard to resist once you hit play. The record showcases the arsenal of production skills this man has. He brings in lush synths, warm piano, and a rollicking guitar riff to complete it all. The rich texture of sound is layered on top of a classic hip-hop drum break and a vocal groove that will keep your head nodding from start to finish.

Kaffetorsk got into music at a very young age playing in the marching band while making mixes as a resident DJ at a club on the weekends. He picked up the acoustic guitar at 12 and got into production using digital audio workstations such as FL Studio and Cakewalk. He finally got into full-time production at the start of 2016 and hasn't looked back. Since the drop of his first public track "Can't Stop" on his Soundcloud page, this is an artist to keep looking out for. 

You can also check out "Summer" on Spotify

Connect with Kaffetorsk: SoundcloudWebsite |Youtube | Instagram

Experimental · Instrumental


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