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Aris P goes in on his latest track, "Here We Go"

Here he goes again. Chicago flame spitter Aris P is back with yet another furious flurry of fire flows that have exactly what you need to tackle this upcoming weekend. Press play on “Here We Go” below.

If the name Aris P sounds new to you, I’ll spare you the flowery intro, he’s one to watch. The Windy City MC has kept things pretty close to his chest but every track that sees the light of day is golden.

What’s most impressive about this guy is his wordplay. Lately, mainstream hip-hop has gone towards favoring melody of lyrics, which for a particular demographic is fine. This writer, on the other hand, prefers a clever bar over a nice sounding hook any day and if you share that same passion, “Here We Go” is going to do you right.

From the jump, through the chorus and all the way to the not so bitter end, Aris stuffs this track to the point of bursting with killer punches. For example, “As far as heat, I’ve got a handle like pots and pans,” “I swear, it’s almost looking like an art to stay cool. So I guess I’m drawn from experience,” and “inviting every one of you, Aris P’s a Sheridan. Bandwagon’s full, I went and got you a caravan.” Those are but a few slick lines in “Here We Go” and that’s not including the clever rhyming techniques he employs throughout the cut.

Needless to say, “Here We Go” is a must hear. Produced by Omoide, “Here We Go” is a bouncy, fun track with witty lines that is sure to get your head bouncing for at least the next few days.

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