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 Multi-instrumentalist Marcus Alan Ward puts out smooth electro single "Faster"

Self-instructed multi-instrumentalist and Ohio native Marcus Alan Ward is bringing about his own version of Electro Soul. With a background in funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop, and more, he's been fusing his influences into his own blend, style, and flavor. His latest release "Faster" is a combination of soul and electro at its finest. Jumping off with slinky guitar rifts, Ward chimes in with his smooth vocals to take his listeners on his lyrical journey. 

When chatting on "Faster", Ward shared with us that the new single “is about being around/in love with a self-destructive person. It's kind of like watching a car crash: It's a terrible image but you can't really take your eyes off of it. It's kind of a fascinating sight to see, and "Faster" represents the feeling of being along for the ride." This is a new project for Marcus Alan Ward with a lot more in store, give it a first listen above. 

Connect with Marcus Alan Ward: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter



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