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OTR and Kai Straw build a harmonious tension in "Close"

Aerospace engineer turned producer OTR (I wonder if he's sick of that tagline yet) is someone I truly never tire of listening to. The brand of delightful easy listening electronic that OTR peddles is the furthest thing from contrived - the same cannot be said for many of his contemporaries. On his newest collaboration with exceptional vocalist Kai Straw, "Close," warm melodies coalesce with OTR's signature intriguing sound design to a deeply sultry result. "I was really drawn to the chill, vibey instrumental that has kind of a crazy built up tension," explains OTR. "Thankfully Kai's vocals harnessed the tension in the chords super well." Silken piano, snaps, and shaker samples tumble throughout the composition as Kai invites us to "scoot a little bit closer." It's intoxicating. 

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