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Icarus expands their sound on 'In The Dark' EP

We've watched Icarus pave their own way in the electronic space for nearly five years now. And the brotherly duo has done so with a uniquely grounded, organic sound that also takes a note of grit from their notorious hometown of Bristol. While in the past, we've seen tunes that are vast in their expanse and groove, their latest EP - a 5-track work named In The Dark - takes them in a new direction.

Opening with "Love Has Come Around," we hear new 80's-leaning synth inspirations, and direct takes from disco for a track with an interesting dichotomy between their usual subtlety and music from these more in your face eras. "No Sleep" comes in as the EP's stand-out, with soothing piano, vocal sampling and an ethereal ambient feel. Check it all out above.

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Deep House · Electronic


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