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Geordie Kieffer puts out cheeky new single "Touch Me. Tease Me"

Declaring himself a “little bad agro-pop mother fucker” singer/songwriter Geordie Kieffer is kicking off his 2018 releases with a spring tune entitled,  "Touch Me. Tease Me.” It's as cheeky as the title implies, with a new music video equally as saucy. The 80's inspired video was shot exclusively on a Super 8 camera and is matched with an indie-pop melodic cut that screams sexuality and reveals explicit lyrics. Overall the track is entertaining and a fun listen. 

In his own words, Geordie shares, “This video is for thugs who wear pink thongs under their baggy jeans. It's for old white men who bump SoundCloud rap out their Mercedes Benz and little girls who play tackle football. Did I miss anybody? Well it’s for them too.” For some entertainment to enliven your afternoon give this one a watch. 

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