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Jamar Carr spills the tea on the "American Way"

After dropping his debut project 'Politically Incorrect: Wealth In The Ghetto' a while back, Queens emcee Jamar Carr returns with a brilliant animation for his song "American Way". In his usual fashion, the rapper takes the listener deep into several issues from the war on drugs, mass incarceration of black youth, to corruption within the government.  Jamar cites several historical references for this thorough breakdown and we must say his keen eye for details and especially history is outstanding. He makes a note to point out the clandestine dealings of the government with lyrics like 

"...C.I.A was drug trafficking, blamed it on the blacks in the hood you see the damages/...Flooded South Central with narcotics you can trace the dope/to the government  audio recordings exists of the conspiracy the tapings are appalling,..." 

Also throughout the song, he mentions infamous dealers who were hood heroes but in reality, they were nothing but minor players in the grand scheme of things "...Ricky was another pawn but I think he know it now/ couldn't tell him nothing in the 80s, wouldn't slow it down...".   Jamar Carr leaves no stone unturned over the course of the song and ultimately shows you the gloomier side of things in America's history.

The animated visuals - courtesy of SmileszForDays Animation - brings the concept and lyrics closer to the viewer with it's bright and vivid graphics to match the intensity of the subject matter. "American Way" is off Jamar's 'Politically Incorrect Wealth In The Ghetto Album' which can be streamed here.  

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