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Salt Cathedral shows us that dance can unite us all in "No Love" [Video]

New York-based, Colombian-born duo Salt Cathedral highlight the power of dance in the latest video for their Carribean electro-pop single, "No Love." Filmed in the Colombian city of Cartagena, in a neighborhood called La Paz, the video features a call for people to embrace the commonality that unites every human—dance. Check out the video below: 

"This music video is very important and meaningful to us because it shows how dancing and music can connect us all - it's a common human experience - and making it was exactly that. The song talks about how we all have bodies and we can choose to love each other and dance instead of taking a fighting path. We were very excited to go back to Colombia to shoot it and we're stoked to share a little bit of our beautiful country and its beautiful people through our art." Salt Cathedral

The "No Love" music video is a collaboration between the band, director Felipe Holguín and his Cartagena-based production company Cumbia Films. In terms of their sound, Salt Cathedral bring the good vibes hard in this track - full of melodies that seem to be bursting with color and shimmering analog sounds. What stands out the most for me in this single, is that the duo brings a very rich electro-pop sound that's still really chill to listen to because of the way they keep the EDM horn sounds on a very minimal level. They remain subtle and hidden in the background of the chorus. For me, that's huge because it's more often than not, that lazy electro-pop production will usually put these horns on the front of the track. Which, there isn't anything wrong with if your intention is to just create a simple arena banger. But Salt Cathedral take the road less traveled and instead, the duo delivers a complexity of drums and beats to properly draw out a more honest sounding dance rhythm. The Carribean feel to the track makes it something you dance in the club to while also just enjoying a drink poolside. Keep a lookout for the release this year of their highly anticipated full-length record via Ultra Records. 

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